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For most of us, our home is our largest single investment. When you really think about it, between the mortgage, property taxes, insurance, heating and cooling expenses and regular maintenance costs, the home requires a large portion of your income.

At Bearcat we understand this all too well and strive to bring a lasting investment to your home's value, an increase in curb appeal and the functionality that suits your lifestyle. We've been in business since 2004 and there are reasons for that. We do quality work and we are reliable!

Our company values are about quality products, quality workmanship with competitive pricing and no hidden costs. Customer satisfaction and a job well done are at the top of our priority list.

Let’s face it, if the job is done well, fairly priced and the customer is happy with the results, the business will take care of itself and everyone walks away satisfied. That’s what we aim to achieve each and every time.

Testimonial #1

My client and I were impressed by Bearcat & Fbg Fencing teams professionalism where they did Inground Pool Demolition, great job not only in getting the project done but also leaving the property and driveway in a perfect clean state.The Bearcat team are familiar with the city by-laws and keeping neighbours undisturbed while doing a massive Pool demolition and filling project based on years of experience in the field. I recommend Brian and his team to my clients to do this job to bring this house to a better marketable state. Also thanks for educating me on the Bearcat Eavestrough Insert which is a fantastic product.

Sutton Group New Standard Realty Inc.
Ali Bekri
Office: 905-709-8000
Fax: 905-709-0898
360 Hwy 7 east, Unit L1
Richmond Hill,Ont.

Testimonial #2

In my business it is critical to have a network of reputable contractors that I can trust and recommend. I now consider Bearcat & Fbg Fencing to be a part of my network. As a result,it is without reservation that I would recommend Bearcat to any of my friends and clients for Inground pool demolition and backfilling. I am also confident that Brian and his team would have the same level of workmanship and professionalism for their other services: Post hole drilling, Wood fencing, Stone interlock, Tree planting and just an awesome product with the Eavestrough Inserts.

Royal Lepage Meadowtowne Realty.
Susan Lougheed
Office: 905-877-8262
Toll Free: 1-866-865-8262
Fax: 905-877-0705
324 Guelph St.

Testimonial #3

I am very pleased with the work done by Brian and his crew. The workmanship and quality of the fence he put up at our house is top quality. He also met a very tight deadline for us at the end of the season. I would highly recommend Brian to any of my friends and clients.

Your Home Today Realty
Ray Chesher
Office: 905-877-9001
Fax: 905-877-4955
75 Guelph St.

Testimonial #4

I am a former swimming pool owner. My family had a many pleasant hours in and around the pool when we, and the pool, were younger but time took its toll on both the family and the pool. as for the family, the children grew up and left home, I got a bit older and arthritic and my wife got to the point where she wouldn't think of going into the pool unless the water temperature was a minimum of 86 degrees farenheit—the gas bill was ridiculous—not to mention the guilt I bore for wasting a precious commodity in these environmentally sensitive times.

Fortunately, for my pocket book and the environment, the pool heater sprung a major leak two years ago, so I decided to scrap it and not buy another. That 'sealed the deal' for my wife not to swim. I continued to have a dip occasionally but probably only 5 or 6 times a season. The spring of 2010 brought yet another surprise. For some reason or other the pump would not provide enough suction to vacuum the pool, so I was in the throes of a dilemma, pay to repair it or have the pool "filled in."—the actual term is demolished because there is far more to it than just dumping fill into it— I chose to demolish it and this presented me with dilemma number two. How to find someone to trust to do the job right and at a fair price.

I searched the internet for some local contractors and talked to a friend who had a bad experience having his pool filled in then the owner of my local pool supply store recommended I contact Bearcat Pool Demolition. I called them and was impressed with how quickly they responded and provided me with an estimate that was within my budget. After working out some of the finer details of exactly how I wanted the job done I gave Bearcat the go-ahead and the rest as they say is history.

The job was completed in a most professional manner and Brian and his crew worked tirelessly and diligently even through the an early September heat wave. Access to the back yard is limited so all of the fill had to be wheelbarrowed in by hand, and believe me, that's a lot of soil to cart in manually. Brian and the crew were totally dedicated to stick with it until the job was finished, kudos to them all. Brian had all of the latest tools and techniques available to make an arduous task less daunting. I was particularly impressed by the way Brian returned after the job was finished to quickly address and solve a small issue that I raised.

I can unequivocally recommend Bearcat Pool Demolition if you have decided to "demolish" your pool.

John Boult

Testimonial #5

For a number of years, every spring I opened my in-ground swimming pool wondering why I bothered because I would only use it a couple of times during the season. I had a very small backyard which was completely occupied by the pool. Finally I decided to call a few people to find out how much it would cost. After making a couple of calls to other contractors who didn’t seem greatly interested in removing a swimming pool or even to show up and take a look, I contacted Brian Doerr of Bearcat. He had never removed a vinyl lined pool before but when discussed the requirements of the City of Brampton, and the limited space beside my house to navigate with equipment, he was very curious and quite confident that he already had all the equipment needed to do the job.

He started at the end of September and it took very little time to cut up and remove all the necessary components and fill in the hole exactly as per the requirements of the permit. Over the winter, the earth was used to fill the hole had settled creating a large depression. So early the following spring he came back with his crew to add another load of soil to bring it all level.

Everything was done to my complete satisfaction. Brian has very strong work ethic and takes a lot of pride in any task he takes on, and I think he could take on many different kinds of jobs successfully.

Job well done thank you Brian.

Dick .W.
Mara Cres
Brampton, Ontario

Testimonial #6

I hired Brian Doerr from FBG Fencing to remove our pool, surrounding pool deck and fill it in. Brian and his crew were very respectful of our surrounding property and the constant interference from our five kids. They indulged the kids with their equipment and let the kids help teaching them safety first is always the rule.

Brian and his crew were as un-intrusive as they could possibly be; they handled this large job in a very professional and timely fashion. The job took four days to complete and they left our property in the same clean condition they found it in.

When I first met with Brian, I found him to be very skilled and knowledgeable; he was up front explaining the cost of this job. This meeting with Brian was different from the other contractors that I met with, they handed me a quote without much of an explanation (sort of "take it or leave it"). Brian took the time to explain every aspect of the job, he felt it was important for us to know what to expect and how long it would take. In spite of the weather conditions Brian's timeline was spot on.

It was a pleasure to do business with such an honest person and company. Should I ever need any work done to my house or yard I would call Brian Doerr from FBG Fencing first. Brian has the knowledge, skill, tools, and staff to take all your worries away and his price was very reasonable!


Mandy .S.
Prince John Circle
Mississauga, Ontario

Testimonial #7

If you are looking for a company to fill in a swimming pool, your search is over.

Brian, his crew and his secret weapon removed my pool and filled it with earth in six days. With no damage to my property, no torn up lawn, no ripped out fences, no damaged shrubs. How did he do it? Wheel barrows! I’m not kidding. Seven and a half dump trucks full was done all by wheel barrows.

Brian left my backyard with a perfect 20’ x 40’ rectangle, surrounded by lush green grass. If you didn’t know it was a pool, you would ask, why did you dig up your lawn? If you knew it was a pool, you would ask how did they do it? Wheel barrows! Unbelievable!

Out standing job,
Thanks Brian.

Steve .G.
Jersey Ave.
Brampton, Ontario

Testimonial #8

Recently, Brian and his Bearcat team completed a pool demolition at my residence in Georgetown. I was very impressed. No heavy equipment was utilized, saving my lawn and driveway of any damage whatsoever. His crew was efficient and professional. I would recommend the Bearcat team to any homeowner faced with the task of removing their pool.

John Chodorowicz

Testimonial #9

Hi Brian....I just want to thank you for the great job you and your crew did when you demolished our concrete pool. The weather was extremely hot, but despite that, the job was done courteously and professionally. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone requiring a "pool retirement".

Thanks again

Joel Saunders

Testimonial #10

I have a large property in Acton with towering birch trees, maple trees and cedars and it drives me crazy every fall.It was so nice to hear from a trusted friend we know in Acton that highly recommened a company right here in town; Bearcat Eavestrough Inserts. I gave them a call they came the next day and within 2 days later I had this awesome product installed. It was a relief to find a great product and a professional group to install this fantastic product.

Thanks Brian great job!



Testimonial #11

We have a nasty old Oak tree next door and it just creates such a mess every fall. My mom is getting on in years and my Dad has passed so this chore is mine, her son, and I am very busy as well as we all are today and just dislike this chore. I am afraid of heights so it was great to go online and truly find a great product that is not only priced well it is easily 60 percent or more cheaper in price than other products out there. I also like the ease in which this is installed,another reason why it is well priced I am sure. Simple product a simple idea with just amazing results as it pretty much blows away the competition but most of all the important thing it blows away those nasty Oak leaves.

Thanks Bearcat.



Testimonial #12

I have a lot of leaves in my area and have shopped around for a few years trying to find a product that works best and is priced fairly.There were other products out there that are very expensive and one dimensional until I saw this product at a home show in Brampton last spring. I noticed it did more than just keep leaves out. Everything I read and was told it would do it does, and highly recommend this to anyone with trees and wasp issues. I have no more birds nest clogging up my downpipes either.

Thanks Bearcat,thanks Brian...Great product!!!



Testimonial #13

I recently when to the Acton trunk sale in late September and came across a new product demostration and was quite impressed on its function. I had Brian from Bearcat come out and quote and perform the job. The service and product are outstanding and wish I done this years ago.Love my trees but hate the leaves. Thanks Bearcat...



Testimonial #14

Fantastic product and well priced,should have done it years ago and it will pay for itself sooner than later. I wish I would have known years ago as I have my troughs cleaned twice a year at $ 120 a pop, $240 a year! Thanks for the peace of mind.



Testimonial #15

June 28th, 2017
To Whom It May Concern,

We have recently recommended customers to Bearcat In-ground Pool Demolition and have received nothing but positive feedback. The customers were very impressed with their work and professionalism. International Pool & Spa will continue to recommend Brian and his company for all in-ground pool demolition needs.

Thank you for your great work!

International Pool & Spa
800 Taunton Road West
Oshawa, Ontario


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